“Think before You Spread Fake News”; PM Modi on Chintan Shivir

Haryana: The 2-day “Chintan Shivir” comes to an end today with PM Modi attending the ceremony through a virtual meet. In his speech during the Shivir, the Prime Minister focused on a lot of things that primarily included balancing the country’s law and order. Right from asking people to stop spreading fake news on social media to pitching for “one nation, one uniform” for the country’s policemen, he was vocal about his vision of conduct for the betterment of the country in the years to come.

In his speech, PM Modi said, “One should think 10 times before forwarding any information and verify it before believing it. Every platform has tools to verify any information. If you will browse through different sources, you will get a new version of it”. About the proposed idea of ‘one nation, one uniform’, the prime minister further said, “The One Nation, One Uniform for police is just an idea. I am not trying to impose it on you. Just give it a thought. It may happen. It may happen in five, 50, or 100 years. Just think over it.”

It must be noted that the 2-day long Chintan Shivir is organized by Home ministers and DGPs of the states to increase awareness and discuss a country’s internal security matters. On these two days, many ministers join them and contribute to the discussions. This year the Chintan Shivir was arranged in Haryana’s Surajkund area. The prime minister could not visit there in person so he made his presence through video conferencing. 

He also focused on maintaining law and order in the country in a more diligent manner, mainly on the technical front. “With the help of 5G, the performance of facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition technology, drone, and CCTV related technology, are going to improve manifolds”, said the PM regarding cyber security.

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