This Village in Chhattisgarh Imposes Liquor Ban on Itself

Story Highlights
  • Ghumka village in Balod announced ban on liquor sale.
  • Fine of Rs 51,000 to imposed on those who breach the rules.
  • The decision was taken citing rise in alcoholics harassing women of the village.

Balod district: Balod district on Friday announced self imposed prohibition of alcohol in the district. This self-prohibition came after the locals expressed threat due to the rising number of alcoholics in the region.

As per reports, if any person in the Ghumka village is caught selling or buying liquor, a fine of 51,000 rupees will be levied on them. Apart from this, the people of the village will be monitored in a hi-tech manner in public areas to control liquor consumption.

In the village, an increase in complaints of women assault was cited as the reason for the prohibition. It is being stated that illicit liquor sale was on rise for which a meeting was held on Thursday where the decision of self prohibition was taken. The committee has also decided to install CCTV camera’s in the village which would help them keep an eye on the miscreants.

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