Three Children from Chhattisgarh Likely to Receive National Bravery Award on Republic Day

Three children from Chhattisgarh, namely Durgesh Kumar Sonkar , Janvi Rajput, and Unnati Sharma, have been selected to be awarded the national bravery award. The award ceremony will be held on January 26, 2021, while Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey will hand-over the awards to the children. 

Among the three children that are going to receive the National Bravery Award on Republic Day, there is Durgesh Kumar Sonkar who is the survivor of the homicide that had taken place at Khudmuda village in Durg District. Some assailants, who could not be identified, attacked the family in the late hours of December 21, 2020, and killed his parents and grandparents. Durgesh woke up by the sound and saved his three brothers by hiding them from the assailants, using sacks.

Later, police found the 11-year-old nearby the house, severely injured, and he was rushed to the hospital at once. Durg collector has recommended the boy’s name for the award considering how he saved the lives of his three brothers with the presence of mind.

Janvi Rajput, hailing from Kurud, saved her brother Shivansh’s life when the latter was struck by an electric wire while he was playing. Their mother tried to save them only to be thrown away by the electric wave instantly. Janvi, using her mind, started hitting the wire with a bamboo stick. Her brother was about to fall from the roof but Janvi caught him at the last moment. The District Collector of Dhamtari recommended her name for the award.

Unnati Sharma (11) from RDA Colony, Tikarapara, went to Raipur with her mother Dr. Meena Sharma and her 2-years-old brother Shrihan, to her maternal uncle’s place. On March 13, 2021, the house caught fire, when she was playing outside the house, and no one was inside the house except her brother sleeping inside.

On hearing Shrihan’s cry, she found smoke emitting from the house. She rushed inside and brought Shrihan out before her relatives reached the spot and extinguished the fire. She has now been recommended for the National Bravery Award by the collector of the Raipur district.

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