Three More Cheetahs Released in Kuno National Park, Total Now Six

Sheopur: The Kuno National Park has now released three cheetahs which have increased the total number of Cheetahs over there to six. Now the cheetahs have been released to the open forest in the Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. The latest arrivals include a female and two males; all brought over from South Africa. The Kuno Park Management called a meeting of the Cheetah Task Force on 30 April to coordinate the release of these incredible animals. Five cheetahs have now been set free in the open forest, including Gamini, Vayu, and Agni.

It’s worth noting that one cheetah, cheetah Vayu, has been re-imprisoned in the enclosure due to its tendency to wander outside of Kuno National Park. But with six cheetahs now roaming free in the open forest, there’s plenty of excitement to go around.

Before this, there were a total of four cheetahs that were released into the open forest. Cheetah Vayu was sent back to Kuno National Park because of its habit of leaving the Park occasionally. Along with that, the male cheetah released are Agni and Gamini. The official notice even informed the media that three female and one male cheetah are still kept in the Park premises. They are among the 8 cheetahs which were brought to the Kuno National Park last year in September. The officials say that they are still not fit to be released into the forests.

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