Three Year Old Boy Stuck in a Borewell

Story Highlights
  • A three year old boy fell into a 200 feet deep open borewell.
  • The incident is reported from Barchad under the Amarpur outpost of Umaria district.
  • Disaster Management team engaged, camera footage shows child stuck upside down.

Umaria: Rescuers are desperately trying to reach the three-year-old boy who fell into a deep uncovered well in Barchad under the Amarpur outpost of Umaria district.
According to officials, the incident took place at 11 am when the boy went to the fields along with his parents and tripped into the uncapped borewell while playing.
Gaurav is said to be have been trapped in the middle somewhere near 30 feet in the 200 feet deep bore. Disaster Management forces, police and the collector Sanjeev Srivastava have arrived at the spot.
Footage from a camera lowered into the well showed that the boy was alive and stuck upside down, moreover bruises here and there were seen. Rescue workers have lowered an oxygen mask for the young child. A medical team is also on-site, ready to treat the boy. Police have been trying to keep the crowd away from the incident site.
The owner of the fields is being condemned for his carelessness towards the borewell closure. Concern for the child’s safety is being prioritized as rescue workers inch closer.

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