Tiger Marks Spotted After a Decade in Gormada Sanctuary

RAIPUR: Hounded and hunted in sanctuaries across the country, pushed to the brink of extinction in several of them, sighting a tiger has been the rarest of the rare experiences. According to forest department officials, a pug mark that is of a tiger was found near Vanagram in the Tilaidadar forest of Barmakela Range on January 29th.

According to officials, it is after a decade that the presence of a tiger is being speculated in the Gomarda Sancturay in the Sarangarh-Bilaigarh forest division. It is being believed that the tiger might have trespassed the forest enclosures in the neighboring state of Orissa.

Hunting of domesticated animals in the last week also hints at the movement of the tiger, said officials.

PAdequate data required in order to determine to whom the marks belong have been collected from the spot. Forest officials have launched a detailed probe into the matter.

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