Tigress in Panna Reserve Delivers Three Cubs

Story Highlights
  • The cubs are under constant monitoring.
  • The cubs are now aged 6 months-according to officials.
  • Tigress gives birth to three cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve.

BHOPAL: Ahead of the New Year, the Panna forest reserve officials have reported sightings of three tiger cubs in the Hinauta area. A recording from the CCTV footage of the area confirmed the news.

According to reports, a young tigress P-653 gave birth to three cubs in the forest reserve on Thursday. Panna Tiger Reserve field director Brijendra Jha said, “Young tigress P-653 of Panna Tiger Reserve has given birth to three cubs.” 

He added that the cubs were healthy and doing thier routine. The field director said that the cubs of the tigress have turned 6 months old. At the same time, the staff has been alerted for the safety of these cubs. The place where there is movement of the tiger, a ban has been imposed on the entry of outsiders.

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