Tigress T4 Gives Birth to 4 more Cubs; Her Offspring Count Reaches 20

MADHYA PRADESH: Tigress T4 in Madhya Pradesh’s Pench Tiger Reserve gave birth to four more cubs, an official said on Tuesday. The total number of offsprings of T4 also known as Patdev has now reached 20 since 2014. On Monday, for the first time, some officials and visitors during a safari spotted tigress T4 with four cubs. She had earlier given birth to four cubs in 2014, but two of them later died.

Patdev is the daughter of supermom ‘Collarwali’, who gave birth to 29 cubs over a span of 11 years, they said. Collarwali died at the age of 17 in June last year

India’s tiger count is estimated to have rose to 2967 from 1411 in 2018. Madhya Pradesh has a number of tiger reserves including Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Satpura, Panna and Sanjay Dubri. It was at the top position in the 2018 tiger census after it was found to be home to 526 felines, two more than Karnataka (524). Uttarakhand held the third position with 442 big cats.

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