A Diabolical Act By A TN Cop

Story Highlights
  • Tamil Nadu policeman brutally thrashing a Zomato delivery person.
  • The incident occurred in Srivilliputhur of Tamil Nadu’s Virudhunagar district.
  • Venkatesh has been charged with threatening the police with a knife.

Tamil Nadu: A viral video of a Tamil Nadu cop viciously thrashing a zomato delivery worker has gone viral. The incident occurred in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu’s Srivilliputhur. In the full face of the public, Venkatesh, a zomato delivery worker was viciously thrashed by Dharmaraj, traffic Sub Inspector. Onlookers captured the event on mobile, which has now gone viral. Venkatesh is seen gripping Dharmaraj’s shoulder patch in the video, then Dharmaraj strikes Venkatesh and viciously thrashes him.

Venkatesh has been charged with threatening the police with a knife, according to the police. The footage, however, shows the delivery guy and police officer arguing over a Rs 600 fine. Venkatesh was fined because he allegedly did not have the appropriate bike documentation. Concerned onlookers pleaded with Dharmaraj to stop striking the zomato delivery guy, but he refused.

Finally, a few more officers intercede, and Venkatesh was escorted to the police station. He allegedly threatened Dharmaraj with a knife, according to Srivilliputhur police, who have filed a complaint under sections 294 (b), 353, 307, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (2). Dharmaraj’s video showing him thrashing Venkatesh has gone viral, with many people decrying police brutality.

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