Tragic Accident Claims Ten Lives as Bus Plunges into Gorge on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway

Gorge– Ten persons died in a horrific accident on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway when a bus crashed into a canyon. The accident happened in a lonely place along the route and devastated the victims and their families.

The bus was reportedly conveying people from Jammu to Srinagar. The driver losing control caused the vehicle to go off-road and end up in an accident.  The passengers were taken off guard by the abrupt and unexpected nature of the catastrophe, giving them little time to react or seek aid.

Authorities were quickly notified, and a rescue operation was immediately initiated. Rescue personnel and local volunteers worked diligently to rescue survivors from the wreckage and recover the corpses of those who died tragically. Injured people were sent to nearby hospitals for treatment, while the deceased were finally returned to their mourning families.

The event has highlighted the need for improved safety measures along this stretch of the national route. Authorities must properly examine the tragedy and discover any relevant circumstances that may have contributed to this unfortunate incident. Road upkeep, tighter attention to traffic restrictions, and driver training programmes could help prevent such occurrences.

As awareness of the disaster spread, condolences and sympathy came from all directions. Political leaders and local inhabitants both expressed their condolences and offered their assistance to the afflicted families. For the families of the victims, who are now coping with the sudden passing of their cherished family, it is undoubtedly a difficult moment.

The aftermath of this tragic tragedy serves as a warning always to be cautious on the roads and prioritise safety. Drivers, passengers, and authorities must work together to lessen, if not fully eliminate, such roadside tragedies.

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