Train Services Suspended in Dantewada-Kirandul Route

Jagdalpur– According to recent news, from June 4 to 11, passenger train services between Dantewada and Kirandul in Jagdalpur will remain suspended. The government made this choice to make it easier to maintain and repair the railway tracks in the area.

The temporary suspension of train services will affect the daily commuters and travelers who rely on this route for transportation. Passengers planning to travel between Dantewada and Kirandul during this period are advised to make alternative arrangements.

For the safety and effectiveness of train operations, the railway rails must get regular maintenance. It involves inspections, repairs, and necessary infrastructure upgrades to maintain the rail network’s smooth functioning.

Authorities have also asked travelers to make travel plans following the most recent information about railway services. They have pledged to make every effort to finish the maintenance job as quickly as feasible so that regular train services can resume as soon as possible.

Passenger train services are expected to resume between Dantewada and Kirandul from June 12 onwards, subject to the completion of the maintenance work and clearance from the concerned authorities.

Travelers are advised to stay informed through official announcements and to make necessary arrangements to avoid inconvenience during the temporary suspension of train services in the region.

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