Trump’s TRUTH Social Tops Downloads on Apple Store

Story Highlights
  • Trump on late Sunday launched the TRUTH Social App.
  • The App is a social media platform with features similar to Twitter.
  • TRUTH Social, the most downloaded app in Apple Store.

TRUTH social, Donald Trump’s new social media app has topped the charts in Apple Store, officials said. A day in the market and thousands have been added to a waitlist as users encountered glitches on Monday, in what is called the ’massive demand’.

The TRUTH social app was available on Apple Store shortly after its launch. On Monday, it trended to be the most downloaded app in the Apple store. Moreover, it was automatically available for users who had pre-ordered it before it rolled out.

Trump hopes Truth Social would help make up for his absence from social media since last year after several social giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram barred him for his provocative statements that led to the Capitol riots. Before being banned Trump had some 89 million followers on Twitter, where he would tweet presidential as well rivalry statements. This app marks the return of the banned Former President to social media.

TRUTH social has been developed by Trump Media and Technology Group. TMTG led by former Republican US Representative Devin Nunes, the venture behind Truth Social, comes as a rival to technology companies that are positioning themselves as champions of free speech and hopes to draw users who feel their views are suppressed on more established social platforms.

 It is a social app similar to Twitter where users will be able to follow notable personalities as well as others. Almost all features mirrored from Jack Dorsey’s app and can safely be called a Twitter clone.

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