‘Tunisha Sharma had a childhood trauma, her family is torturing my kid now’: Sheezan Khan’s Mother

Calling for a press conference today in presence of their lawyer Adv. Shailendra Mishra, Sheezan’s family cleared the air on accusations on their son for forcing Tunisha to convert into a Muslim. His advocate claimed that Tunisha’s “so-called” uncle Pawan Sharma was her former manager, he was fired four years ago because he used to interfere a lot and behave harshly with her.

Sheezan’s mother opened up on the case and said that Tunisha was like a daughter to her. They have loved her a lot in the past 5 months and if she would have met them before, they would have loved her even more. “She had a childhood trauma,” she said.

Pointing out allegations on her son to asking Tunisha to change her religion, she asked for evidence. “Tunisha’s mother said that Falak took her daughter to a mosque, do you have any proof? Are there any pictures on social media whatsoever? No. She said Sheezan slapped Tunisha, so why didn’t you do anything during that time? On one hand, your daughter has passed away and on the other hand, you are torturing someone else’s kid so that he takes some wrong step.”

“Their family shared a picture that is now going viral on social media, it has nothing to do with Love Jihad, it is of Ganesh Chaturthi’s celebration on the sets of their show. The truth is her mother did not want them to be in a relationship. She has made all these spicy allegations so that the media would run them. On September 13, we told Tunisha’s mother that you do not pay proper attention to her and she accepted it,” she concluded.

Tunisha Sharma was found dead on December 24th, on the sets of the show ‘Alibaba: Dastaan-e-Kabul’. She was said to be in a relationship with Sheezan, her co-actor.

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