Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Death toll Surpasses 41,000; Survivors Cheat Death for 200 hours

ISTANBUL: The death toll from the Turkey-Syria earthquakes has passed 41,000. Turkish authorities say 35,418 people have been killed in the country. The Syrian government and the United Nations say more than 5,800 people have died in Syria.

Domestic and international rescue teams continue their search for survivors. In Turkey’s Gaziantep volunteets are stepping into help with the earthquake relief effort, including in search and rescue operations, delivering food and in setting up temporary shelters for survivors. In an astounding rescue a mother and her two children were rescued in Turkey’s Antakya, 228 hours after the first earthquake.

Malaysia joined the team of countries providing humanitarian aid to the quake struck nations. Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has said that his country has raised  $11.4m to provide humanitarian assistance for survivors of the Turkey-Syria earthquakes media reports stated. Meanwhile, in the country itself a fun raising drive by donors like Turkish politicians, state institutions and citizens collected some $6.1bn to help earthquake victims.

The United States has flown in some 200 rescuers and contributed an initial $85 million in relief for Turkey, deploying Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters to bring supplies to worst-hit areas.

US secretary of state Antony Blinken will travel Sunday to Turkey to discuss support after a massive earthquake, his first trip to the NATO ally which has had turbulent relations with Washington. The visit, which was being planned before the February 6 earthquake will be the first by Blinken to Turkey after more than two years in office.

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