Tusker Dies in Chhattisgarh due to Electrocution

Baloda Bazar, Chhattisgarh: In a heart-wrenching incident in Chhattisgarh’s Baloda Bazar district, a male tusker was found lying dead in the forest. The reason behind its death is supposedly electrocution that occurred in the Devpur area that lies under the Kasdol Upvan Division of the Baloda Bazar area. The carcass of the tusker was found just 50 metres away from the Forest official’s rest house. 

Though the body of the elephant is found today, it is believed that it died two days back. No one noticed the body until a bad smell came from it. The District Forest Officer Mayank Agarwal visited the site soon after getting the news and called a team of veterinary doctors who conducted a post-mortem on the tusker. 

The post-mortem report suggested that it was a male elephant and the age of it was around 22-26 years. Apart from the DFO, other officials were also present on the site during the post-mortem that includes the Chief Forest Conservation officer of Raipur, the Chief Forest Conservator (Wildlife), and the WildLife SOS team.

In an official statement, the DFO said, “It is found in the post-mortem that the elephant died due to high tension 11 KV electric current. The forest official has recovered the wire used in killing the elephant from the spot. The suspects involved in the crime are of Pakrid village, who are still missing.”

In another such incident in the area, a youth also died of electrocution. The incident occurred in the Checharpali area of the Devpur forest region. 

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