Twitter Blocks 1400 Accounts, Posts Flagged By The Central Government

Story Highlights
  • Twitter warned by the central government on restoring accounts
  • witter was ordered to seize 1400 accounts
  • Accounts predicted to be linked to Pakistan and Khalistan

India: The world’s largest microblogging site is beleaguered after the central government’s announcement.

Twitter flagged 1400 accounts after the central government’s repetitive approach. On continuous surveillance; these accounts were found to post inflammatory content. Their posts seem to tag contagious hashtags that spread rumors about sensitive matters.

As per information, the central government had identified about fifteen hundred accounts. Out of which, after the Government’s request, Twitter seized only fourteen hundred accounts.

 Upon the request of Twitter seeking a meeting with the government; a panel was set to discuss the fragility of the ongoing spread of pernicious information through the microblogging site.

The development comes in the backdrop of the government, on Feb. 4, ordering Twitter to take down 1,178 accounts that were allegedly spreading misinformation and provocative content related to farmers’ protest.

An investigation by the government officials reveal; the seized accounts were linked to Pakistan and Khalistan.

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