Twitter Inc Sends Employees Home; Shuts Down Offices 2 Offices

New Delhi: Twitter Inc. shut two of its three India offices and told its staff to work from home, underscoring Elon Musk’s mission to slash costs and get the struggling social media service in the black.

Twitter that has slashed its headcount by 200,closed its offices in the political center New Delhi and financial hub of Mumbai, people aware of the matter said.

Since the take over Musk has fired staff and shut offices around the world as part of an effort to get Twitter financially stable by late 2023. His latest moves suggests he’s attaching less importance to the market for now and focusing on stabilising the firm.

An exodus of workers — many of whom were fired — since Musk’s acquisition has raised concerns about whether Twitter can sustain its operations and regulate content. Musk this week said he may need till the end of the year to stabilize the company and make sure it’s financially healthy.

Since the company landed under the jurisdiction of Musk, the microblogging platform has failed to pay its rentals for San Francisco HQs and London offices. They have beeb sued by multiplye contractors for dues.

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