Twitter Restores Blue tick of Vice President’s Personal Handle hours after withdrawn

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  • Twitter on Saturday removed the legitimacy verification mark from the Vice president's personal handle
  • The official handle still continued to have the blue tick
  • The blue tick verifies authenticity of an individual, says twitter

Trending: Twitter on Saturday morning removed the blue tick from the personal handle of India’s Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu,  a mark that signifies the legitimacy of the user’s profile. However, As per the latest information, Twitter has restored the Vice President’s blue tick hours after it withdrew it after facing massive backlash over the move on its platform.

The verified status had been removed from @MVenkaiahNaidu for “inactivity”, sources revealed. “The personal account of Venkaiah Naidu was inactive for six months and the blue badge has gone,” quoted an official from the Vice President’s office. Twitter in response says that the blue tick was removed since the account was inactive since July 2020. 

Government sources, however, called it an outrageous act against the “Number 2” constitutional head of the country. They pointed out that the accounts of former Union Ministers Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj had stayed verified long after their death in 2019. 

 Twitter’s action “unverifying” the account of Mr Naidu, a former BJP president who has been Vice President of India since 2017, is controversial in the middle of its confrontation with the government over a range of issues including its stand on new digital rules for social media sites. 

According to the site’s terms, the blue tick or verified status may be removed at any time, without notice. Its official statement read- Twitter may remove the blue verified badge and verified status if the account becomes inactive or is incomplete. The inactivity is based on logging in. To keep the account active, the account holder must make sure to log in at least every 6 months, it further added. 

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