Twitter Services Restored After Longest Global Outage

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  • Twitter restored after 45 minutes of outage.
  • This was the longest outage the site witnessed this year.
  • Twitter has been in talks over the recent take over by Musk.

Twitter experienced one of the longest outage for years today when it blacked out for almost an hour on Thursday. The outage extended to mobile, iOS and Android, also affecting services like TweetDeck. While Twitter’s status page indicated that the site was fully operational, numerous users across the globe still experienced outages. Though Twitter’s app and website were able to load, the platform wouldn’t load any new tweets or notifications.

According to Downdetector.co.uk, which detects site outages, informed that the microblogging site went down for 45 minutes at around 12: 55pm. The site is reported to have failed globally across the UK, US and Europe.

Twitter has been in the headlines, for the takeover by Tesla Chief Musk. On Tuesday, the microblogging site filed a lengthy and colourful lawsuit against Elon Musk that aims to force the Tesla CEO to follow through with his $44 billion deal to buy the social media company after he moved last week to terminate the acquisition.

The 62-page document, which is sprinkled with memes, tweets and a certain emoji, effectively highlights the bizarre spectacle of the deal from the start to where it currently stands. It also shows the unusual position Twitter now finds itself in. The company paints Musk as a non-serious potential owner — alleging at one point that he has “disdain” for the company, and at another saying, “Musk’s strategy is … a model of bad faith” — while seeking to compel him to become its owner. (Twitter’s board has an obligation to its shareholders to try to see the deal through if they believe it is in their best interest. The dispute could also end in a settlement.)

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