Twitter Suspended 250k Accounts at the Behest of US Govt

US Government demanded the suspension of 250k Twitter accounts, said Twitter Chief Musk on Tuesday. As quoted by a news agency, Musk revealed that Twitter was asked to suspend accounts including those tied to journalists, some questioning the pandemic’s origins, and accounts that followed “two or more” Chinese diplomatic accounts.

“US govt agency demanded suspension of 250k accounts, including journalists & Canadian officials!” tweeted Musk. The remarks came on the heels of the latest round of “Twitter Files,” which were made public by the journalist Matt Taibbi.

Taibbi revealed the US government’s mounting and endless pressure on Twitter to work hand-in-hand with Congress to hunt for Russian meddling on the platform.

Meanwhile, the microblogging site is planning to reverse a ban on political ads on the platform after over two years. As revealed by Twitter Safety, a Twitter-affiliated account, the company will expand the political advertising permit in the coming weeks.

Twitter banned political ads in 2019 after it faced widespread criticism for allowing US presidential election misinformation to spread across its platform. Other social media companies like Facebook also restricted political ads for similar reasons.

Off lately, there have been many changes on Twitter since the takeover by Musk. Its recent revision was in the ‘Bookmarks’ feature. Musk hinted that the upcoming changes would make it “Easy to create folders to bookmark tweets into various categories

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