Twitter to Layoff More Employees

Reports indicate Twitter Inc is planning to lay off more employees in the coming weeks.

People in the know said that Elon Musk-owned company may reduce staff from the product division, though some other departments may be impacted as well. This comes weeks after several reports suggested that Twitter has been done with layoffs, till now. The company is taking measures to reduce expenses and is even auctioning surplus office items. Musk has also allegedly not paid rent to landlords of several Twitter offices.

Mass layoffs at Twitter began in late October following Musk’s formal takeover. The company’s workforce was reduced to roughly 3500 down from 7500 employees. In the following weeks, more employees were fired and some voluntarily left as they did not want to confine themselves to Musk’s “hardcore” work style. The latest round of firing would reduce thr headcount below 2000

Apart from Twitter, other tech giants are in trouble with money. Microsoft just laid off over 10,000 employees and so did Amazon late last year. Meta, formerly Facebook, fired roughly 11,000 workers in November 2022. Even in India, several tech companies and start-ups are feeling the heat from the uncertain macroeconomic conditions. Companies such as ShareChat, Dunzo recently laid off employees.

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