Two More Cheetah Cubs Die in MPs KNP; Second in a Week

BHOPAL: Just two days after a two-month-old Jwala Cheetah cub died, officials at KNP have reported the death of two more cubs in KNP. Out of the four cubs Jwala gave birth in March, only one remains alive now, added the officials.

The fourth cub is said to have been kept under observation as his health continues to be critical as per the KNP officials. Mother Jwala is healthy and kept under observation.

“All the cub cheetahs were found to be weak, underweight and poorly hydrated. Mother cheetah Jwala, who delivered for the first time, is from the hund riyadh breed. Cubs, when nearly eight weeks old, desire to remain huddled around their mother. They had begun to trod with their mother 8-10 days ago,” said the Kuno National Park after the death of two cubs.

On March 24, a female cheetah named ‘Jwala’ gave birth to four cheetah cubs.

The latest death has now taken the death toll in KNP to six in the last two months including three cheetahs who were brought to India from Africa.

The SC last week expressed concerns over the death of the three Cheetahs in less than a month and has suggested the Cheetahs be shifted to an alternative habitat.

“Three deaths in less than two months is a matter of serious concern. There are opinions of experts and articles in the media. It appears that Kuno is not sufficient for so many cheetahs,” the Supreme Court had said.

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