Typhoon Batters Japan with Record Rain; One Dead

Story Highlights
  • Typhoon Nanmadol makes landfall in Western Japan.
  • 82 injured so far, and one killed: NHK said.
  • Around 20,000 people took shelter in safe houses set up in Kyushu's Kagoshima and Miyaki prefectures

Japan: 2022’s strongest global storm Nanmadol made landfall in Western Japan on Monday killing at least one, disrupting basic services and suspending operations.

The 14th typhoon of the season made landfall near Kagoshima city on Sunday before battering the western island of Kyushu and then roaring onto the main island of Honshu on Monday morning. At least 82 have been injured NHK, the national broadcaster said adding that another man was found unconscious in an area hit by landslides.

About 34,000 households most of them in Kyushu faced an outage on Monday morning. The Kyushu Railway Co said it had halted operations in Kyushu and Japan Airline Co Ltd and ANA Holdings cancelled around 800 flights due to the strong winds by Nanmadol.

A special warning was issued on Sunday night as typhoon Nanmadol made landfall. Several were forced to flee due to the unprecedented storm and take shelter in govt settlements. At least 20,000 people spend the night in the shelters set up in Kyushu’s Kagoshima and Miyaki prefectures. The JMA forecasted condition seen in once decades on Sunday.

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