Typhoon Chaba Subdues In China

Story Highlights
  • Typhoon Chaba weakens to tropical depression.
  • Heavy rainfall continues to water-log Southern provinces.
  • Blue warning lifted by the Central Meteorological Observatory.

South-China: Typhoon Chaba weakened into a tropical depression, Chinese forecasters claimed today. However, it is still expected to bring in heavy rainfall in central and eastern part of the country in the coming few days. The center of Chaba was located in the southern region of Guangxi today morning and is expected to move in a north-easterly direction at a speed of 10 to 15 km per hour into Hunan and Hubei provinces.

Meanwhile, a video has been shared by the Government Flying Service, Hong Kong that shows the rescue of several people from rapidly sinking ship during typhoon Chaba in South China Sea. The ship split in two, the rescuers winched three people from the ship into a helicopter. There were 30 people on the vessel, the fate of 27 is still unknown.

Although the o has lifted the typhoon blue warning on Chaba, several southern provinces are already water-logged. Extreme weather conditions including unusual heavy flooding is expected to continue in China throughout the month of August.

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