UAE to Restrict Passengers from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Story Highlights
  • UAE restricts international passengers from 12 May
  • NECA informed through their website
  • 14 days isolation period to be fulfilled to enter the country

WORLD: The UAE announces entry for passengers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka from 12 May in view of rising COVID cases globally. The restriction was reported by the country’s National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority on their website. To enter the UAE from the four countries, people must have been in another country for at least 14 days beforehand, NCEMA said.

 The UAE last month banned entry to travellers from India to guard against the spread of the highly contagious Indian variant.

Officials from NECA stated, “Flights between the four countries will continue to allow the transport of passengers from the UAE to Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.”

As per the notice, the ban will be implied only on transit flights coming from those countries. While, transit to those countries can continue. 

UAE citizens, long-term residency holders known as “golden visa” holders – and diplomats are not included in the ban, which comes just ahead of the Eid festival celebrating the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.

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