UK Breaches Hottest Day Record At 40C

Story Highlights
  • UK records hottest temperatures ever.
  • The country crossed 40C for the first time.
  • Aviation and Rail Dept halt services.

For the first time ever, the UK has recorded freezing temperatures above 40 degrees the Met Office said today. The recording of 40.2C was taken at 12.50 pm today, and the forecaster expects temperatures to continue to rise, it further added. The country on Monday recorded the hottest night ever in history.

The Met Department issued a red warning to life from extreme heat remains in place for much of central, northern and south-east England. Authorities have warned people to avoid using public transport, while a runway at an airport on London’s outskirts was closed after partially melting. At least five have been feared to have died after drowning in rivers and lakes while attempting to escape the heat wave.

The Network rail issued a “do not travel” warning for Tuesday affecting services through the”red zone” under the Met office warning map. As said by Transport Sec Grant Shapps, the tracks could reach a temperature of 50,60 to even 70 degrees celsius which might lead to terrible derailment.

Surrey in south-east England had broken the record of the highest temperature ever recording 39 degrees celsius. Meanwhile, Southern and Western Europe are experiencing scorching temperatures, and more than 1,100 people have died from the heat in the region.

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