Ukraine Prepares for Assault, Calls for More Support

Story Highlights
  • Ukraine calls for more help as Moscow escalates attacks in the east.
  • Two died in Kharkiv attack on Sunday.
  • Around quarter of the countrys' population has fled since the war began.

Kyiv: Ukraine is preparing for big battles against Moscow, as its forces grip terror in the eastern province of the country. On Monday, the Ukrainian dept called for more backup as powerful explosions rocked the cities in the south and east. President Zelensky kept up his tireless campaign to generate international support and rally his countrymen, warning the coming week would be important and tense. In a late-night video, address-Zelenskt was heard saying- ” Russia will be even more afraid. It will be afraid to lose. It will fear that the truth will have to be acknowledged”. Since the invasion began, Ukraine has been appealing to the western powers to provide more defence help and slap tougher sanctions on Moscow.

About a quarter of Ukraine’s population has fled their homes, turning cities into ghostly lanes with dead unclaimed bodies lying on the streets. On Sunday around 1200 bodies in the Kyiv region were found showcasing the atrocities the Russians committed. In Kharkiv, the second-largest city, two deaths were reported from the early morning sheelings. In Dnipro, a large industrial city of a million inhabitants, a rain of Russian missiles nearly destroyed the local airport, causing an uncertain number of casualties, local authorities said. It had already been struck on March 15.

The World Bank on Sunday forecast the war would cause Ukraine’s economic output to collapse by 45 per cent this year, with half of its businesses shuttered, grain exports mostly cut off by Russia’s naval blockade and destruction rendering economic activity impossible in many areas.

The bank forecast Russia’s GDP would contract by 11.2 per cent this year due to punishing Western sanctions.

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