Ukraine Regains Kharkiv City from Russia in Counteroffensive

Story Highlights
  • Ukraine militia raise flags after consolidating take over from the Russians.
  • Kharkiv was a major city seized by the Russians during the initial advancements.
  • Russia plans to regain personnel support after major defeat.

Kyiv: Ukraine on Tuesday pressed deeper into Russian-occupied territory in a continuing counteroffensive that has inflicted a stunning blow on Moscow’s military prestige.

The Zelensky military forcea claimed that it has regained control of the Kharkiv region and reclaimed areas seized by Moscow on the first day of the military invasion by Vladimir Putin. Soldiers raised flags on towns and villages after regaining control of these regions which were occupied by Russia for six months.

Speaking in the central square of Balakliia, a crucial military supply hub taken by Ukrainian forces late last week, Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar said 150,000 people had been liberated from Russian rule in the area

Russian troops were also abandoning the southern city of Melitopol and heading towards Moscow-annexed Crimea, the city’s mayor said.

Russian troops have endured significant losses in terms of personnel on a daily basis and make attempts to compensate them in different ways. The military command continues to search for those willing to fight among prisoners, namely across the correctional facilities in the Tula region.

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