Ukraine Targets Russian Soldiers Threatening Europe’s Largest Nuclear Plant

Story Highlights
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky warns attackers targeting nuclear plant .
  • Russian -backed forces ‘ people's Republic’ attack Donetsk’s north city.
  • M04 Highway main entrance of western Donetsk is Russia’s main target .

Kyiv: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated in an evening address on Saturday that “any Russian soldier who either fires at the plant or shoots using the plant as cover, must know that he will become a specific target for our intelligence agents, for our special services, of our army.”

Since March, Russian forces have occupied the Zaporizhzhia factory in southeast Ukraine, and Kyiv has charged Moscow with stationing hundreds of soldiers there and storing weapons.

 “They have staged continuous provocations with the bombardment of the area near ​​​​the nuclear power plant and are trying to bring their additional forces

in this direction to further blackmail our state and the entire free world,” Zelenskyy said during his televised address on Saturday. Ukrainian forces in charge of the towns and cities on the other bank have come under heavy fire from the side held by Russia.

According to UK  military intelligence, Russia’s top objective over the past week has probably been to realign units to support its campaign in southern Ukraine. According to the intelligence report, the Russian-backed forces of the Donbas self-declared themselves as “people’s republics” and are attacking Donetsk’s north city. 

As per the British Ministry of Defence’s daily intelligence bulletin posted on Twitter, intense fighting has been conducted near the Donetsk airport in the village of Pisky. Additionally, it stated that the main western entrance to Donetsk, the “M04 highway,” is “likely” the target of the Russian attack.

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