Ukraine will Fight Till the End Without Compromise: Zelensky on Independence Day

Story Highlights
  • President Zelensky has vowed to "liberate" all of Ukraine's territories occupied by Russia without "any concession or compromise"
  • Independence celebrations were scaled back as Zelensky warned of Russian attacks.
  • US confirms $3bn in fresh aid to Ukraine.

Kyiv: “We will fight until the end,” President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared in an emotional speech to mark 31 years of Ukrainian independence from the Soviet Union on Wednesday. Air raid sirens roared in the air as the nation marked its Independence day.

In his address Zelensky also vowed that his country would not be making “any concession or compromise” to Moscow. He added that Ukraine no longer saw the war ending when there was peace, but when Kyiv was actually victorious.

Large gatherings in Kyiv were banned as authorities feared Moscow might amplify the attacks in view of the public holidays. In his speech on Wednesday Zelensky urged the citizens to stay vigilant. “Russian provocations and brutal strikes are a possibility,” Mr. Zelenskyy said in a statement. “Please strictly follow the safety rules. Please observe the curfew. Pay attention to the air sirens. Pay attention to official announcements. And remember: We must all achieve victory together.”

On Wednesday, the US is set to announce $3 billion in fresh military aid to Kyiv on the date it severed ties with the Soviet Union in 1991. These funds would aide Kyiv in acquiring more weaponry, ammunition and other supplies for its armed forces. It’s the biggest tranche of American security assistance sent to Kyiv to date, a statement from Biden says.

The war hit nation marks its 31st year of Independence as the invasion by Russia enters the seventh month.

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