Ukrainian Civilians Pitch In to Defend Homeland with Molotov Cocktails

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  • Molotov Cocktail- the armour of a Ukrainian civilian, as they arm to face Russians.

As the Kremlin escalated its efforts in taking down parts of Ukraine, the civilians pitched to defend their homeland with the signature Molotov cocktail. Citizens have shown resistance of a ferocity that has taken netizens by awe.

Visuals have been making rounds where the Ukrainians are seen hurling homemade petrol bombs from the windows of their homes. The efforts by the civilians came after Ukraine’s Defence Ministry began instructing on how to use the incendiary weapons to fight against the invading saboteurs. A poster guide was released by the ministry, illustrating which parts of different military vehicles should be targeted in such attacks.

The glass bottles filled with gas, petrol, tar or motor oil and set on fire as the protestor throws it targeting the enemy. Those who were not picking up rifles were making incendiary weapons. Local residents in Uzhhorod, a city in the western part of the country, huddled outdoors with empty bottles of wine and vodka, something that was witnessed across the country. Tutorials on how to make Molotov were extensively searched. Radio stations also guided locals with their recipe of the armour.

 Named after Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov, the first of its kind was made in the 1920s. They became a common anti-tank weapon in the mid-1930s during the Spanish Civil War. The Ukrainian govt after the Russians invaded a week ago asked its citizens to welcome the aggressor with

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