UK’s decision to Include Islamabad in Travel ‘Red List’ Slammed by Pak Minister

Pakistan: The decision of the Britain Government has been slashed by the Pakistani Minister. The Britain government has put Islamabad on the red list of countries whose nationals are not allowed to enter the UK, saying that the Pakistanis are being treated in an ‘inhuman manner’. Dr. Shireen Mazari, Pakistan Minister for Human Rights has termed the decision of the UK as ‘discriminatory’.

The Minister tweeted, “This is absolutely shameful. These people have paid 1,750 pounds per person to undergo 10 days of compulsory quarantine in the UK and are being treated in this inhuman manner simply because they happen to be of Pakistani origin”. She further added, “This discriminatory approach towards Pakistanis and Britishers of Pak origin is yet another reflection of putting Pakistan in a list of Red Zone countries but leaving out states like India- which has one of the fastest spirals of Covid cases plus a new lethal variant also!”

A Pakistani who is quarantined in the UK requested the UK government that their basic human rights should be met. He said, “We want food that is edible by elders and children alike”. The Pakistanis living in the UK complained that they were denied food and even they had to fast without seheri.

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