Uma Bharti Declares She Will Not Attend Jan Ashirwad Yatra, Even If Invited

Bhopal: As the BJP gears up for the impending Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections with the launch of the Jan Ashirwad Yatra, former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has openly shared her grievances regarding her exclusion from the event. She sternly announced that despite her noticeable absence at the commencement of the Yatra, she would decline any future invitations to participate, including the closing ceremony scheduled for September 25.

Taking to social media on Monday, Bharti elucidated her stance further, highlighting three significant points of discussion that had emerged the day before. First, she brought up the inaugural list of candidates, wherein she candidly expressed her opinions. Second, she acknowledged her conspicuous absence from the initial stages of the Yatra, firmly asserting that irrespective of receiving an invitation or not, her esteem and self-worth remain unaltered. She reiterated her refusal to attend any part of the Yatra, emphasizing her firm stance against attending the event, even during its conclusion on September 25th.

Furthermore, Bharti clarified that her respect for Shivraj Singh Chouhan remains unswayed and the mutual affection between them remains solid and intact. She affirmed her readiness to campaign at any time, at Chouhan’s request, paying homage to her deep-seated roots in the BJP, a party she claims to have helped build with her “blood and sweat”. She pledged never to act detrimentally towards the party.

In her statement, Bharti also touched upon her recent observations concerning the stark disparities between government and private sector amenities, a realization that came about during a medical check-up in Bhopal. She vocalized her concern regarding the evident gaps in the healthcare and education sectors, urging that leaders and officials should utilize government facilities to foster improvement and eventual parity. She stressed the necessity for a campaign to enhance government-run institutions.

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