Unemployment Rate in CG Dips from 8.2 to 0.1 Per cent

RAIPUR: According to a report by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy on the unemployment rate, CG has topped the list with 0.1 percent unemployment, the least amongst all states. The report mentioned that the unemployment rate slipped from 8.2 percent in November to 0.1 percent in December.

As per the data released in the month of May-August 2018, the unemployment rate in CGstood at 3.2 percent. The data proved that 99.90per cent of the people in the state had a livelihood attributed to the schemes and the policies introduced by the state govt under the leadership of CM Bhupesh Baghel.

The national unemployemtn ratestood at 9.0 per cent in urban areas and 7.8 per cent in rural areas. The second rank was awarded to Uutarakhand with1.2 per cent unemployement rate followed by Orissa with 1.6 per cent. Neighbouring state MP, stood at 6.2 per cent and Gujarat at 2.5 per cent.

The Innovations in the an attempt to progress the economy include Narwa-Garwa-Ghurwa Badi program, Suraji Gaon Yojana and Godhan Nyay Yojana helmed employement oppurtunities sterring development of the state.

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