Unfinished and Unwanted 9,000 Passenger Cruise to Be Scrapped

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  • Dream global II-half readied makes way to the scrapuyard.
  • Dream Global-II half finished makes way to the scrapyard.
  • The mega cruise can ferry 9,000 passengers at once.
  • The finished hull of the vessel will be sold while the half finished keel will be scrapped.

A massive cruise ship half done is being readied to be sent to the scrapyard, as the mega liner finds no buyer. The Global Dream II parked in the German Shipyard-which would have been one of the largest in the world- is making way to the scrapyard said- Christoph Morgen, an insolvency administrator at Brinkmann & Partner at a press conference.

The finished hull of the vessel is for sale while the half-finished keel is going to be scrapped. The cruise which could ferry around 9,000 passengers at once was almost ready to float on the dock in Wismar, North Germany.

German shipbuilder MV Werften, which was building the vessel, and its holding company Genting Hong Kong which owns it, filed for bankruptcy in January, reports stated.

From 2024 the shipyard will be used to build submarines by its new owner, meaning there’s a year and a half for the Global Dream boats to be shifted.

Though numerous parties expressed interest in buying and finishing Global Dream, the insolvency administrator never received a proper offer- an industry magazine reported. It further informed that the vessel would be auctioned where it could be ultimately bought for scrap.

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