UNICEF Seeks Emergency Humanitarian Access to Provide Aid to Afflicted Children of Palestine

Story Highlights
  • UN urges immediate intervention into the bombarded Gaza strip
  • Wants to provide humanitarian access to children
  • Nearly 58,000 Palestinians displaced so far

New Delhi: UNICEF on Tuesday demanded immediate access into Gaza to provide humanitarian access to children affected during Israel-Palestine conflicts. The binary conflict has killed 213 Palestinians and 12 Zionists so far. 

In an official statement released by UNICEF, Executive Director For stated,” UNICEF is calling for the immediate cessation of hostilities on humanitarian grounds to allow the entry of staff and essential supplies, including fuel, medical items, first-aid kits, and COVID-19 vaccines. We are also calling for the establishment of humanitarian corridors so that we can deliver these supplies safely so that families can reunite and access essential services, and so that the sick or wounded can be evacuated.”  She further said that the children across the State of Palestine and Israel will continue to suffer as the conflict escalates day by day. She urged ceasefire as well as a long-term political solution to the broader conflict. The Agency addressed the lack of sanitation, inadequate water supply and electricity and demanded establishment of humanitarian corridors so that the agency can deliver supplies safely to fulfill humanitarian needs.

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