Uniphore Team Up with Global Innovators on Future of Contact Centers

New Delhi: Uniphore has partnered with global leaders, including Idiap Research Institute and Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), and has joined the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Innovators Community – an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation.

The various agreements involve the development of next-generation potentialities in advanced AI, machine learning, automation, and voice and video technologies piloting the transformation of contact centers and enterprises around the world.

“It is in Uniphore’s cultural DNA to innovate, collaborate, and associating with these global organizations is a testament to our core values. It will be truly exciting to see the level of scale, agility, and sheer innovation that will come out of these global collaborations,” said Umesh Sachdev, CEO, and Co-founder of Uniphore.

“Through our initiatives with the research and educational institutes, we will not only learn from each other and drive innovation, but these relationships will help create a world-class talent pool, tasked with transforming the customer experience,” He said further.

Samith Ramachandran, SVP and Head of Technology at Uniphore said that he is super excited to see both academic and world thought leaders come together and collaborate with Uniphore. At Uniphore, we thrive on innovation and there is no better time or place to be for new ideas, and technological innovation than right here, right now.

Uniphore and Idiap will work conjointly on new opportunities in both development and longer-term activities that target pioneering speech recognition algorithms, spoken language understanding, and multimodal integration of real-world signals for improved detection of emotion and other semantic and pragmatic applications.

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