Unseasonal Rains & Hail Cause Crop Damage In MP

Bhopal: Unseasonal rains continue in Madhya Pradesh for the second consecutive day today as heavy rainfall and hail fell in many areas. Malwa-Nimar and Bundelkhand witnessed heavy rainfall damaging the crops. Two people died in the state due to lightning in Narmadapuram and Sagar districts.

Rains have been active in the state since march 16. While drizzle occurred in Jabalpur and Narmadapuram, heavy rains occurred in Ujjain, Damoh, Dewas, Raisen, Agar-Malwa. It rained with strong thunder in Niwari district today evening.

The hailstorm in about a dozen villages has ruined farmers’ produce. Damage is expected to the wheat and other crops standing in the fields as about 75 percent of the crops have been harvested in these regions. While the total assessment of crop damage is still awaited, the farmers in the state had approached the government on March 9 to assess the crop damage situation in the fields of the state.

Rain in Semarkhedi, Nivoda, Rusalla, Berkheri Mafi, Bilakhna, Hinnaid, Hadkal Jain, Girol, Dehri, Bethni. Patti, Jodh in Bina area. Heavy rains and thunderstorms were witnessed in Okhla, Chainpura, Gavalanpati of Katkoot in Barwah area of Khargone district. The water level in Kanad river has also increased.

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