UP Government Trembled after the Allahabad High Court Dismisses 94 NSA cases

Story Highlights
  • Dismissal of 120 NSA cases rejected
  • Only 26 NSA cases were confirmed
  • Inappropriate means of FIR filing noticed

Lucknow: The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday gave a major blow to the Uttar Pradesh government. 

The High Court rejected the Yogi Government’s request of dismissing all 120 National Security Laws. It has only confirmed only 26 NSA cases. The court has acquitted 94 NSA accused. It has raised the issue of misuse of NSA. Since January 2018, 94 in 120 cases have been dismissed.

The court has considered it an abuse of the NSA. It has noticed inappropriate means used to deprive the accused of the legal process. Multiple attachments to the Police FIR have been found which have the district collector’s approval. The high court has dismissed such orders by the UP Government. 

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