US Announces Additional Military Aid of $400 million for Ukraine

WASHINGTON: The United States announced a new military aid package for Ukraine on Friday worth $400 million. The fresh military aid primarily comprises of ammunition, with the addition of tactical bridges to move tanks and armored vehicles.

The bridges can be used by Ukraine officials trained in “combined arms maneuver” to regain their lost territories.

“Pursuant to a delegation of authority from President Biden, I am authorizing our 33rd drawdown of U.S. arms and equipment for Ukraine since August 2021, valued at $400 million, said Blinke. “This military assistance package includes more ammunition for U.S.-provided HIMARS and howitzers, which Ukraine is using so effectively to defend itself, as well as ammunition for Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Armored Vehicle Launched Bridges, demolitions munitions and equipment, and other maintenance, training, and support, he added.

Today’s war might be ended by Russia alone. We will stand with Ukraine and bolster its military there until Russia does so, for however long it takes, so that Ukraine is in the best possible position to engage in negotiations with Russia, added the US Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, the head of Russia’s notorious Wagner mercenary group claimed that the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut- which has been blasted to ruins in Russia’s more than seven month onslaught, was almost completely surrounded with only one road still open for Ukraine’s troops.

Reports observed intense Russian shelling of routes leading west out of Bakhmut, an apparent attempt to block Ukrainian forces’ access in and out of the city. A bridge in the adjacent town of Khromove was damaged by Russian tank shelling.

Russia calls the capturing of areas surrounding Donbas industrial region as stepping stone towards a major aim of the war.

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