US ‘Concerned’ Over Israel-Palestine Conflict; Activists Ask the US to Intervene

Story Highlights
  • Palestine burns; Israelis high on air attacks now, fire rockets at residential towers
  • Palestinian activists ask the US to intervene to stop Israelis from such brutality
  • Tension spiked over possession of masjid Al-Aqsa in Gaza between Jews and Muslims

World: For the last few days, several Palestinians are under the attack of Israel. Dozens of people have lost their lives in fire attacks, gunshots, and several forms of tyranny from Israel. The women and children are also not safe in the country. Now, the Palestinian activists ask for US intervention to de-escalate the Israeli force soon.

An analyst of a US-based institute, Phyllis Bennis says until the US is prepared to control Israel, nothing can be done. “As long as the US is not prepared to hold Israel to account any statements from the Biden administration about the ongoing violence would not lead to de-escalation. We keep hearing from President Biden that he wants a foreign policy that’s based on human rights. What we are not seeing is an actual commitment to human rights – and certainly, in this case, there’s no willingness to use political capital”.

The conflict between Palestine and Israel escalated when the Jews and Muslims fought over their possession of masjid al-Aqsa or temple mount as they say. In the brutal attacks, houses are burning, children and terrified and women feel lost! An intervention by foreign powers that includes US intervention has become a must now to stop the violence in Palestine.

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