US Denies Landing Clearance for Charter Plane from Afghanistan

Story Highlights
  • US Department of Homeland Security denied US landing rights for charter plane.
  • The charter plane from Kam Air ferried 117 passengers holding legal documents for repatriation.
  • Currently, 100 US American citizens and legal permanent residents are ready to be repatriated.

USA: The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday barred US landing rights to a charter plane carrying more than 100 American evacuees and US green card holders from Afghanistan. “They will not allow a charter on international flight into a US port of entry”, Bryan Stern, founder of  a nonprofit group  project Dynamo said as quoted by the Department  Customs and Border Agency.

Interacting with media reporters from aboard the charter plane from Kam Air, Stern stated that 117 passengers were on board for 14 hours at Abu Dhabi airport after arriving from Kabul. Out of the 117, six Americans, 83 Green card holders and six Afghans who worked for the US holding US Special Immigration Visas were present, sources reported.

An administration officer speaking on grounds of anonymity stated that they weren’t informed about the matter and asserted that the US govt takes time to verify the manifests of the charter plane before clearing the tarmac for them.

Earlier, White House officials had stressed to repatriate all its citizens and Green card holders who failed to leave the country during the evacuation operation last month. As per the information received by the State Department on Monday, about 100 American citizens and legal permanent residents are ready to depart from Afghanistan.

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