US Embassy Resumes Operations After Security Alert

LONDON: The US embassy in London resumed its operations after a security alert was issued after a suspicious package was found outside the building. A brief state of lockdown was announced and those inside were asked to duck and move away from windows.

“The U.S. Embassy is back to normal business operations. Local authorities investigated and cleared a suspicious package outside the Embassy,” the embassy’s official Twitter account said.

The Met police were thanked for their swift action. “Cooperation and patienceā€ by the visitors were also appreciated.

Pictures of squad dogs sniffing around the building and armed policemen carrying automatic assault rifles were seen communicating with the G4S security guards. In a few pictures, people inside the building crouching or sitting on the ground away from windows, including parents with babies and young children.

A witness said the security alarm, which went off at 10.15 am, was triggered because of a “suspicious package”.

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