US MIDTERM ELECTIONS 20222: Democrats Fighting Heavily, Six Trump-Backed Candidates Out

As per the current trend, at least candidates backed by Trump have tasted defeat in the midterm election being held across states in the country. Hours after the first polls closed, many key races in the US midterms have been called and control of the US Senate is still up for grabs. Democrats have been outperforming expectations as per observation by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Florida re-elected Ron DeSantis as the governor by a fraction of a percent over Democrat Andrew Gillum. Meanwhile, Democrat Brian Schatz has been re-elected US Senate from Hawaii after defeating Republican state Rep Bob McDermott. In Washington, Dr. Vandana Slatter won the re-election.

The Lowa House District 30 was claimed by Democrat Megan Srinivas defeated Republican Jerry Cheevers becoming the second Indian American woman to serve in Lowa House after Swati Dandekar. The Illinois state legislature was bagged by 23-year-old Nabeela Syed— who became the first South Asian to take charge. Syed flipped the Republican district against Chris Bos in her battle to victory. The Pennsylvania race projected victory for Democrat John Fetterman.

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