US Politics: Prosecutors Demand Trump’s Conviction To Safeguard US Democracy

Story Highlights
  • The three-day impeachment trial of the Former US President to end today
  • The prosecuting attorney demands conviction

Wrapping up the case against former President Donald Trump, the House Democrats said the Capitol invaders were incited by the President. They warned the Senators that if they don’t vote to convict Trump, American democracy will face dire harm in the future. Killing 5 people in the riots, the Capitol chaos was an unparalleled domestic attack in US history.

The prosecutors presented piles of video footage of Trump supporters, interspersed with clips of the chaos to remind senators of the assault at the Capitol. The rioters claimed “We were invited here”, “Trump has sent us”, “He’ll be happy. We’re fighting for Trump.”

 Trump was accused of enticing his supporters to fight to overturn the election results as Congress was certifying his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden.

Prosecutor Rep. Joe. Neguse, D-Colo argued,” If we pretend this didn’t happen, or worse if we let it go unanswered, who’s to say it won’t happen again?” 

On Friday, Trump’s defense will produce their statements. The Democrats, with little hope of conviction by two-thirds of the Senate, are making their most graphic case to the American public, while Trump’s lawyers are focused on legal rather than emotional or historic questions, hoping to get it all behind him as quickly as possible. 

Trump’s second impeachment trial echoed the chaos caused last year and acquittal over the Ukraine matter. The prosecution warned the Senators of the danger Trump possesses and demands conviction.

The goal of the two-day presentation by the prosecutors impeached; the Former President wasn’t an innocent bystander rather an “inciter in chief” who spread falsehoods about the election.

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