US to Announce “Major Scientific Breakthrough” Amid Reports Of Fusion Energy

WASHINGTON: The US Department of Energy on Sunday teased a “major scientific breakthrough” this week after media reports mentioned federal laboratory had recently achieved a major milestone in nuclear fusion research.

Reports mentioned that scientists in the California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) had achieved a “net energy gain” from an experimental fusion reactor that means researchers have successfully produced more energy in a fusion reaction analogous to the Sun- than was consumed during the process, a potentially major step in the pursuit of zero-carbon power.

There has been no confirmation yet from officials of the Energy Department and LLNL. However, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm would “announce a major scientific breakthrough” on Tuesday. “We look forward to sharing more on Tuesday when that process is complete,” she said.

Nuclear fusion is considered by some scientists to be a potential energy of the future, particularly as it produces little waste and no greenhouse gases.

The LLNL fusion facility is made up of almost 200 lasers the size of three football fields, which bombard a tiny spot with high levels of energy to initiate a fusion reaction.

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