US to Ease Border Restrictions in November for Fully Vaccinated Visitors

Story Highlights
  • US to permit nonessential transport through borders.
  • Senate to make an official announcement on Wednesday
  • Vaccine certificate to be produced to the Border Patrolling Officials on arrival.

Washington: The White House has decided to ease nonessential travel restrictions from the next month calling off its nine-month-long freeze owing to the pandemic. All modes of freight services between the US, Canada and Mexico have largely been impacted.

This development comes at the backdrop of the latest announcement wherein, the White House had called off country-specific air travel restrictions and instead required all travellers to produce vaccination certificates.

The relaxation would be announced officially on Wednesday, 13 October. As per the order, all vaccinated individuals would be permitted to enter the country regardless of their reason for travel. The Senate has also decided to ease air travel soon. By mid-January, all essential travellers seeking to enter the United States are mandated to present vaccination certificates.

A senior official from the Senate on grounds of anonymity reviewed the policy late Tuesday ahead of the official announcement. It should be noted that illegal entry will be subjected to expulsion under Title 42-authority, first invoked by the former President.

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