US to Lift COVID-19 Test Requirement for International Travel

Story Highlights
  • Biden administration to ease international travel restrictions.
  • COVID-19 negative reports prior to arrival to be scrapped.
  • The Senate had mandated a negative COVID-19 report on arrival from foreign countries.

Washington: The USA is easing its requirements for international air travellers to take a COVID-19 test a day before boarding their flights.

A senior official from the Senate, on Friday, confirmed that the mandate expires on Sunday at 12:01 am EDT noting that the CDC has determined it is no longer necessary. The official added that the agency would re-evaluate the need for the testing requirement every 90 days and that it could be re-instated if a new strain emerges.

The US administration had put in place testing before travel as it moved away from the restrictions that barred non-essential travel from dozen of countries including India.

Intially the country permitted those fully vaccinated to present a proof of negative test results performed within three days of travel, while those unvaccinated had to present reports for the test done a day ahead of travel.

The restrictions were tightened as the Omicron variant surged the daily number of cases in the country drastically.

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