US Treasure Secretary To Visit India In November

United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced her visit to India in November for US-India Economic and Financial Partnership ahead of G20 meetings.

“I am glad to announce today that in November ahead of the G20 meetings, I will take my first trip to India as Treasury Secretary, to attend the US-India Economic and Financial Partnership, our ninth Partnership meeting”, Ms. Yellen said as she sat with her Indian counterpart Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and tweeted the same.

Ms. Sitharaman has confirmed that the dialogue will take place on November 11 in New Delhi, the agenda for the same will be wide and varied. The partnership is extremely crucial for nation’s core economic interests. Therefore, the dialogue will also take a stock of world economy, financial, regulatory, and technical collaboration, cooperation during the G20 Presidency of India.

Ms. Yellen also noted that the two countries have faced headwinds from pandemic and Russia’s war on Ukraine, noting the impact of the same on food and energy prices. Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary General Guterres is also expected to come in India next week to join prime minister Narendra Modi for program at Kevadia Statue of Unity.

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