Uttar Pradesh: First Woman To Be hanged In India’s History; Charged In Murder Of Her Family

A ten-year-old murder case has now reached its verdict. Shabnam and her husband Salim are accused of murdering the latter’s family.

Shaukat Ali was a teacher from Bawan Khedi village in the Hasanpur Kotwali area of Amroha. He had 2 sons and 2 daughters; Shabnam and Anjum from his wife Hashmi. Along with him also lived his grandson Arsh.  

Shabnam was pampered by father Shaukat Ali. Graduating in MA she later worked as a teacher. In course of time, she fell in love with Salim who was reported to have studied only till eighth class. The duo wanted to announce their relationship officially while the difference in the sects created a hindrance.

Angst due to the rejection of their proposal, Shabnam murdered her parents, and siblings along with her sister-in-law and her nephew on the 14th April 2008. Salim accompanied Shabnam in the act of murder.

Shabnam was carrying Salim’s child while she committed the heinous crime. She delivered a baby boy named Taj on the jail premises whilst serving her punishment. Shabnam is now 35 years old and has passed more than 10 years.

The accused had filed a mercy petition with the president, but in the wake of the heinous crime, the president also rejected their mercy plea. 

The higher authorities of the country have finally sentenced death for both the accused. 

After Shabnam’s execution, Taj will be followed by her college mate Osman, a journalist from Bulandshahr.

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